Enjoy Toledo without the hassles of luggage


Enjoy Toledo without the hassles of luggage


Toledo Tourism: Enjoy the City Without Your Luggage in Tow


Whether you are planning on hunting down the great works of El Greco, visiting the spectacular gothic-inspired cathedral, or seeking out the Cave of Hercules, there’s one thing that might make your adventures in Toledo a little difficult. Your heavy luggage. Having no place to store heavy bags is one of the most commonly cited problems among tourists these days, especially for those who travel to popular destinations by bus, train, or plane.  Luckily, for those who are planning on traveling to Toledo, Spain, we have the solution for you. Toledo Lockers is a smart locker solution built for tourists who want an easy and convenient way to store luggage while freely exploring the city without sacrificing any downtime.


What Are the Common Problems that Toledo Lockers Solves?


  • Ever arrived by bus, train, or plane well before check in time and had to lug your bags around with you until you could check into your AirBnB or hotel? No more!


  • Ever been forced to check out of your lodgings with a late-night departure, only to find yourself stuck with heavy luggage? This certainly makes exploring the city with the rest of your time difficult. No more!


  • Ever made an itinerary, headed out into the city, only to find you had to backtrack all the way back to your lodgings because you forgot something in your luggage? No more with our centrally located luggage storage in Toledo!


  • Ever felt on edge about leaving your valuable luggage at your lodgings while you freely explored the city? This isn’t a problem with our secure smart lockers. 


When it comes to keeping track of your luggage storage in Toledo, we don’t want you to be stuck with lugging it around or feeling uneasy about leaving it unattended, which is why we are the first to bring smart lockers to the magnificent city of Toledo.


The Benefits of Using Our Smart Lockers in Toledo


We want you to feel comfortable to freely explore the city from the time that you get here till the time that your bus, train, or plane departs. Our smart lockers are:


  • Centrally located in the heart of the Old Town of Toledo, making access very convenient and easy. You can find us by Calle Comercio, Just steps from Zocodover, Plaza Mayor and the Cathedral.

  • Perfect for a 2-day stay in the city.  Doesn’t matter whether you arrive early in the morning, late at night, or somewhere in between. 


  • Our smart lockers are clean, safe, and very secure. They come equipped with several layers of security, including 24/7 cameras and alarm connected to the Police. 


  • Our lockers are very modern and really smart. They are driven by leading-edge technology and are incredibly user-friendly and easy to understand. 


  • They are ready when you are. Our booking system has 24-hour access and our facilities are open from 09:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m. all year round!


  • They can fit carry-on suitcases, hand luggage and backpacks, large suitcases, and extra-large suitcases. Our smart lockers will fit almost any piece of luggage and you do not pay per bag.


Say goodbye to lugging around your heavy bags and goodbye to check in and check out downtime. Instead, say hello to Toledo Lockers and enjoy what this gorgeous city has to offer, bag free!

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